Licencing & Regulation

The gambling industry is bounded by regulation and whatever stage you are at with your business there will be an impact. Whether you intend to be an operator or a supplier the world's gambling regulators will intersect with all levels of your enterprise. Get to know what licensing will mean for your business.
Licencing & regulation

Centres of excellence

The news at the end of October that the UK tops the table in terms of the best country in Europe in which to get a business off the ground will likely come as no surprise to anyone involved in the start-up culture within online gambling. The report from the Legaturn Institute, a London-based think-tank, showed that the low-cost environment for new businesses alongside a generally favourable attitude towards entrepreneurs put the UK ahead of the rest of the EU when it came to fostering an encouraging culture for start-ups. The report noted that at a mere £66 it was cheaper to launch a business in the UK than anywhere else in the world.

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What’s happening in Fintech?

What’s happening in Fintech?

Dwolla is an online payment network that deals largely with ACH payments, enabling its clients to power bank transfers within their own online platform. The CFPB said that as of may 2015 the company had collected various pieces of personal data, including social security numbers and bank account details and passwords, of over 650,000 customers. Read more...

Some Hints on Why Failure Happens to Start-Ups

Some Hints on Why Failure Happens to Start-Ups

An article late in 2015 from Pascal Bouvier, a venture partner at Santander InnoVentures made for some interesting reading for anyone looking to launch a business in the gambling space. The posting on the CB Insights website (w was looking at some of the reasons why start-ups in the fintech sector fail. When reading the piece it struck us at GamCrowd that there were certain aspects of the article that applied to the gambling space, so we thought it worth examining what Bouvier had to say. Read More...Read more...

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