GamCrowd launches tech-focused industry learning resource

Online hub to become the home of ideas and innovation. has launched a free-to-access, technology-focused, online service, which is set to be the home of innovation and ideas for the gambling industry.

The hub will provide a single location where start-ups, growth companies, early-stage investors and entrepreneurs can access ideas and follow the progress of firms in the gambling industry as they grow from start-up through to a successful exit.

An industry-first, GamCrowd will fill a gap in sharing ideas and information by bringing together a community of companies and thought leaders. It will generate news, features and discussion about tech innovation and development within – and pertinent to – the gambling industry.

A weekly newsletter will package the latest articles and, uniquely, be distributed every Sunday morning, providing a round-up for executives to digest outside of the working week. The first edition looks at the potential impact of big data on sports betting, while Unibet’s head of strategic development, Will Mace, outlines how to develop an idea and attract interest from operators.

GamCrowd already has a membership of more than 3,500 individuals that benefit from the free service, which includes advice from partner companies, including Clarion, Grand  Parade, iGaming Ideas, Inchinn, Joelson, Shop Works, Square in the Air and Unibet, with more to follow.

Unibet’s head of strategic development, Will Mace, said: “We absolutely share GamCrowd’s vision to support innovation and growth by creating this sort of community.  It has the potential to be a really valuable place for early-stage companies and entrepreneurs to connect with the industry to help shape and refine their ideas and plans. A thriving innovation space can only be good for the industry as a whole, and so we very are happy to support GamCrowd as a partner company”

The GamCrowd Studio and News offering will cover events and expos, showcasing the latest tech from around the world, and bringing a fresh insight and perspective. It will partner with publications from other industries to highlight key trends and potential cross-overs.

Talented entrepreneurs and innovators will be able to bring new ideas to the crowd, get feedback, collaborate and read about a range of topics to help grow their businesses, whether founding a start-up or preparing for an IPO.

Since launching GamCrowd in 2014, chief executive Chris North has advised hundreds of companies and individuals looking to get their ideas off the ground in the gambling space. The new service is intended to address a common problem.

“We see people looking to bring some fantastic ideas to the betting and gaming sector, but there is often a disconnect between tech knowledge and industry knowledge. We feel there is a real need for an information source that is designed specifically to bring this together and promote these great ideas,” said North.

“GamCrowd is about leveraging the insight and information that the industry, and especially our partner companies, are willing to share in order to help start-ups get their foot on the ladder and existing businesses continue their growth.”

GamCrowd Studio will feature articles, advice and how-to guides aimed at companies through the various stages of their growth.

The News function will cover all aspects of the gambling business affecting growing companies in the space, including new businesses, funding rounds, new products and people news. There will be a focus on innovation and coverage of major launches and developments from established operators, which impact the whole sector. It will also include features and summaries of what is happening in others, such as fintech and adtech, where there are lessons that can be learned and examples followed.

The new portal is edited by experienced online gambling journalist Scott Longley.

Longley said: “This represents an opportunity to write about the most exciting area within the gambling space. Growth companies are hubs of innovation and new thinking, and provide great material to write about. We look forward to shining a light on this and providing a platform for experts to share their thoughts and experiences.”

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