Free white paper: What will be the impact of crowdfunding on the gambling industry?

GamCrowd, the crowdfunding and crowdsourcing company that focuses on the gambling industry, has issued a free white paper in conjunction with Clarion Events on what the impact of crowdfunding will be on the gambling industry.

Please click here to download the latest whitepaper.

In 2013 Clarion conducted customer research to help understand what the gambling industry wanted most from the three big events that Clarion put on each year; ICE, EIG and GIGSE. That research made it very clear that the industry was looking for more innovation and more support for innovative start-ups. 

This white paper looks in more detail at crowdfunding, including the mechanics behind a successful campaign and some of the future developments.

It should be considered in conjunction with the efforts of Clarion and GamCrowd to support innovation within the gambling industry in the run up to EIG. We hope it will further develop the agenda for EIG and help some gambling start-ups successfully use this form of fundraising to bring innovation to our industry.

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